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Elderly Care in Summerlin NV: Should My Aging Parent Adopt a Shelter Cat?If your elderly mom or dad has expressed feelings of loneliness or the desire to have a pet cat in their lives, you should seriously think about it. Not only are pet owners happier and healthier, the benefits of owning a cat are even greater for elderly adults.

With age, many elderly adults depend more and more on family caregivers and senior care providers, but still feel lonely and in need of a companion animal. Adult cats are often considered one of the best pets for elderly adults. June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, where people are trying to share the truth about shelter cats and why they make excellent pets.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should help your elderly parent should definitely adopt an adult shelter cat:

1. Cats help ward off loneliness in seniors.

Aging adults are often isolated and lonely, even if they have family members and senior care providers in and out all week. An adult cat is a constant companion that provides them with unconditional love, entertainment and a sense of responsibility.

2. Seniors with pets are healthier.

Studies show that elderly adults with companion animals like adult cats receive a number of physical and mental health benefits. Pet ownership provides purpose to seniors and improves mood dramatically. Cuddling and petting reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and keeps anxiety at bay. Pet owners also have a stronger immune system and are more active in their daily routines, which leads to better health

3. Adult cats are a perfect match for elderly owners.

Kittens are energetic and feisty and it’s impossible to tell what kind of personality they will develop. Adult cats are more mellow, content and cuddly. For an elderly person that isn’t very mobile or active, an older cat is a much better match than a high-maintenance kitten. An adult cat is also easier for a family caregiver or senior care provider to help out with.

4. Shelter cats are healthy and trained.

Adopting an adult shelter cat means that the staff has assessed the behavior and can share the personality of each animal they have. Shelter cats have also been immunized, neutered or spayed, microchipped and dewormed so they are as healthy as can be. Shelter staff can help your aging mom or dad find the right cat for their personality and abilities.

5. Adults cats require little care.

Adult cats are already litter box trained and are usually never destructive. This means an elderly adult can take on most of the feeding, watering and litter duties themselves. If the senior does need help, most senior care providers include basic pet care as part of their duties, so they can help out as needed.

Most people say that adopting an adult shelter cat is a wonderful experience. The majority of shelter cats are happy and healthy—they just want a good home. Your elderly parent can adopt a feline friend during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and start a new era of love and laughter with furry pet.