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Home Health Care in Las Vegas NV: Dealing with Resistance to Home Care From Your Parent
Home Health Care in Las Vegas NV: Dealing with Resistance to Home Care From Your Parent

If you have noticed your senior has been struggling with challenges or issues that are keeping them from being able to manage their daily life, you might be considering starting home care for them. This can be a fantastic way to encourage the best quality of life for your senior and ensure they get all the care and support they need on a daily basis. Though you recognize the benefits of this type of care arrangement, it is not always so easy for seniors to go along with it. When your senior hears that you want to start home care for them, they may feel like you are insulting them, or that you want to take away their independence and quality of life. This resistance can be frustrating and upsetting, and even detrimental to your parent. It is important to approach this resistance carefully to help ease your senior’s concerns and make the transition into care smoother for both of you.

Some ways you can deal with resistance to home care from your parent include:

  • Give them the chance to express their thoughts and feelings. Don’t be the one to do all the talking, and don’t try to interrupt and answer what they are saying as they are saying it. Instead, give them the opportunity to fully express all they are going through and then carefully respond to each
  • Acknowledge that you understand what they are saying and express how you think you would feel if you were in this position. Showing them that you do care about how they feel and that you recognize the challenges this change can present to them can put them at ease and make them more willing to cooperate and be flexible
  • Try to keep emotion out of your end of the conversation. Rather than showing that you are angry, frustrated, or upset, stay calm and in control. This eliminates something for your parent to “match” and escalate
  • Focus on the benefits rather than the concerns. Rather than narrowing your conversation only to the things you are worried about when it comes to your parent, it is important to give thought to the benefits of home care for them. This can help your parent to see why this relationship could be meaningful and beneficial for them as they age in place
  • Offer a “trial” experience so your parent can experience the care and then talk with you about what they think so you can work together to ensure the best decision is made

The completely customizable nature of home care is one of the reasons this can be such a fantastic resource for your aging loved one. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your parent on a schedule that works for them, as well as for you and the care you give them. The services are specifically designed not just to help your parent deal with their challenges and limitations, but also to help them live a quality of life that is fulfilling, independent, and autonomous. As their family caregiver, this can give you tremendous peace of mind and help you to experience less stress as they age in place.