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As your parents get older, they are going to need more and more help. You may not be sure exactly how you can help them or even where you should begin. What happens if your parents turn down your efforts to help them? There are ways around this. In fact, you can read about the top ways to help your aging parents right here.

Empathizing with Your Aging Parents

Your parents may seem frustrated that you are trying to help them. They may even be moody, as well. However, you must try empathizing with your aging parents. Understand where they are coming from. They have done everything for themselves for a long time. Now, they are getting older, and they just can’t take on the same things they used to. This has got to be tough. Let them know you understand. This may go a long way in them letting you help.

Call Your Parents Regularly

If you are worried about your parents because they are getting older, call them regularly. Let them know you were thinking of them and just wanted to talk. May suggest on the phone that they set a reminder to take their medication or something like that. Don’t be forceful about it, but maybe squeeze it into the conversation. The more you call them, the more you can secretly check on them to see if they are doing alright. Listen for changes in their tone of voice, as well.

Enlist the Help of Other Loved Ones

You can also enlist the help of other loved ones, too. Get other family members to call your parents or go to visit them at least once a week. Have these people check back in with you if they suspect there is something wrong with your parents. You don’t have to take everything on all by yourself.

Hiring Caregivers to Assist You

If you don’t have that many family members or other loved ones to lean on for help, hiring caregivers to help can be a great option. While your parents may not be completely open to this, start slow with it. Ask your parents if they would be alright having someone come over just a few hours throughout the week to help them with some smaller household chores or just for company. Maybe ask your parents if they wouldn’t mind having someone drive them to their doctor appointments.

As your parents get older, you may become more and more worried about them. It may come to a point where you just don’t have the time to check on them as often as you would like to either. In that case, it may be best to hire caregivers to come and help your parents. Let your parents know you just care about them and want what is best for them.

Advocating for your parents is one of the best things you can do for them. Start taking these tips and helping your aging parents today.