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Our valued Golden Heart Caregiver, Lorna, has been recognized as our October Caregiver of the Month! Lorna migrated to the United States from the Philippines in 1980 and received her citizenship in 1996. Lorna enjoys fitness in her free-time and deep-sea fishing, and a hidden talent of hers is playing guitar! Lorna says that her biggest inspiration for being a caregiver, among many other things, is the true value of life. Her favorite thing about in-home care is building bonds with her clients; including the unconditional trust that’s formed, the smile they give when they look forward to seeing her, or holding her hand to let her know they need her. Lorna’s best memory on the job is when she went on a walk with her client, and they both had so much fun talking and laughing that neither one realized it was past time for Lorna to go! The two shared a good laugh after that. Lorna’s five year goal is to become a trainer and teacher for other caregivers. She says she would love to be able to share her knowledge to help other caregivers be efficient and successful in this field. Lorna is proud of her self-love, and her ability to “embrace the good, resist the bad, and let go of the ugly” that she’s developed over years of learning. We are proud of her, too! We are lucky to have passionate caregivers like Lorna on our team. Congrats, Lorna!


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