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Private Clients

Virtual Caregiving is a unique way to provide monitored care for your loved-one in Las Vegas. Virtual Caregiving is an excellent solution to enhance the care that is provided by your Golden Heart Caregiver, filling in the gaps when the Caregiver is not on shift.
At Golden Heart Senior Care, you loved-one is provided:

    • A Remote Care Coordinator (RCC), available 24/7. Your RCC is a specifically trained person on Chronic Care Management and COVID-19 related issues
    • Your RCC will proactively check-in in with you on a predetermined basis – Golden Heart will check-in from as little as 1X per week to as many as 7X per week
    • Your RCC will communicate issues to a Family Member or your Nurse/Home Health, based on pre-defined protocols. Hence, catching issues early and preventing re-hospitalization or other serious issues
    • Your RCC will contact you as desired to provide companionship and to combat loneliness

How it works:

      • You sign-up based on your needs and ability using a smartphone, tablet, computer or landline
      • Golden Heart develops a care plan and trains you to use our Virtual Caregiving solution. It is easy and fun!
      • Daily Health Surveys monitor your health and report the results back to the
      • Your Nurse or Doctor may assess and treat you using video triage*
      • Your RCC can coordinate medication, food, supplies or other needs if you run low
      • Immediate “go-live” capability

    There are two plans to select from:

*Access to virtual visits with clients own Physician or Home Health Nurse is included in the Platform if MD/RN agree to participate.