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4 Ways to Help Your Senior Prevent Illness

4 Ways to Help Your Senior Prevent Illness

Companion Care at Home in Summerlin NV
Companion Care at Home in Summerlin NV

Food poisoning, skin infections, UTIs, and influenza are four of the most common infections in the elderly. It’s possible to reduce the risk through a few routines. If your dad is slowing down and having a harder time taking care of himself, these are the areas to help him with.

Home Cleanliness

Your dad’s home needs to be cleaned. If he struggles to wipe down faucets, doorknobs, counters, and sinks, someone else needs to clean these surfaces for him. Vacuuming carpets, mopping hard floor surfaces, and doing the laundry also help prevent the spread of germs.

Personal Care

If your dad cannot bathe without some assistance, make sure he has the help he needs. He might need support getting in and out of the shower, but he’s okay bathing himself. It could be that he cannot reach areas when he’s washing himself and needs help with lathering all of his body.

Arrange to have a professional caregiver helping him with personal care and grooming. If he needs help cleaning up after using the toilet, make sure someone is with him to help out.

Meal Preparation

Proper storage of raw foods is essential. When your dad purchases groceries, meats need to go into the refrigerator or freezer as soon as he’s home. They shouldn’t sit out on the counter for hours. If they are in the car for that long, make sure he has insulating grocery bags or a cooler with ice packs.

Once cooked, many dishes need to be consumed within two or three days. If leftovers don’t get eaten in that time frame, they should go into the freezer with a label explaining what the item is.

Check regularly for food recalls and safety issues. The FDA is a good place to start looking for these recalls. If your dad has an item that is part of a recall, remove it from his refrigerator, freezer, or cupboards and return it to the store for a refund.

He shouldn’t risk eating it unless the recall involves an allergen that won’t affect him. For example, some recalls are for products where the ingredients didn’t declare they contain nuts. If he has no nut allergy, he won’t have to worry.

Hire Companion Care Services to Help Him at Home

Choose companion care at home to ensure your dad doesn’t risk his health to an infection. With a caregiver helping with meal preparation, housework, laundry, and personal care, many common infections are avoidable.

Learn more about companion care at home by talking to a specialist in home care. Call and ask about prices, services, and schedules.


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