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Golden Heart Senior Care Resources

We have created these articles on various topics to provide you and your family with some useful information. If you have other questions about home care services or aging topics, just give us a call

Dietary Changes Can Help With Arthritis Pain

Your mom’s arthritis is worsening, and she’s struggling to do things around her home that used to be easy. Her doctor has recommended several things to help with arthritis pain and inflammation, and one of them is her diet. How will dietary changes help her? Find out more about how nutrition affects arthritis, and how […]

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Employee of the Month – August 2023

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Erica L. is our Employee of the Month for Golden Heart Senior Care for August 2023. Erica is from Jamaica, born and raised in London, England and in Germany. Erica has a beautiful daughter with two wonderful grand children. Erica was a travel consultant for 39 […]

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Understanding Anosognosia

Anosognosia is a complicated condition in which a person is unaware of or denies their illness or disability. Even though it is usually caused by nerve conditions like strokes, head injuries, and some mental illnesses, it can also happen to people with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s important to support seniors when this occurs. This can happen […]

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National Relaxation Day: Take a Break with Help from Alzheimer’s Care

Your dad has Alzheimer’s and it’s progressing into the more challenging stages where he isn’t sleeping, he becomes angry at small things, and he never sits still. It’s getting hard to complete everything you need to do. You’re stressed and anxious and don’t see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. August 15th […]

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5 Common Nutritional Deficiencies in Seniors

Three out of five adults aged 65 or older have lost some of their sense of taste. In addition, an older adult’s stomach empties slowly, so they feel fuller longer and may not eat as much. These are just two of many circumstances that can lead to nutritional deficiencies in seniors. Here are some of […]

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Employee of the Month – July 2023

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Carla W. is our employee of the month for July 2023. Carla was born in Arkansas and raided in California. She has lived in Las Vegas for 23 years and has been a caregiver for more than 14 years. Carla has always had love in her […]

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6 Tips to Revive Aging and Thinning Hair

As seniors age, they’re likely to notice changes in their hair, including thinning, loss of volume, and more. There are steps that seniors can take to revive their aging hair, but they might need more help. Personal care at home can make a big difference in keeping seniors’ hair in good condition, even if it […]

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Signs Of Heat Stroke Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore

According to the National Institute of Health, seniors have a higher risk than other age groups of developing heat stroke or heat-related illnesses. Seniors often have poor circulation and other conditions that make it more difficult for the body to regulate temperature. Most seniors are dehydrated too, which can increase the impact of heat on […]

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The Benefits of Intergenerational Living When Your Mom Has Alzheimer’s

Your mom has Alzheimer’s disease, which isn’t surprising given that 6.5 million Americans have dementia. But, it’s also a diagnosis that is going to cause some level of fear and sadness. As you start considering her elder care needs going forward, don’t miss the chance to use intergenerational living to provide her with the best […]

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Exploring Some of the Challenges of The Aging Population

It’s always been your dad’s goal to stay in the family home. However, health issues like high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, or arthritis are making it harder for him to complete the tasks that he needs to do. What are some of the challenges he may experience, and how can in-home care play […]

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