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Golden Heart Senior Care Resources

We have created these articles on various topics to provide you and your family with some useful information. If you have other questions about home care services or aging topics, just give us a call

Podcast with Vegas Healthcare

Bob Swadkins, the owner of Golden Heart Senior Care, participated in a podcast with Vegas Healthcare on March 11th, 2024. It was a pleasure working with Diego Trujillo. Check out the podcast here!

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How To Handle Your Senior’s Increasing Care Needs

Care needs evolve over time and as aging adults experience health changes. Home care assistance can be there when seniors first decide to age in place, helping them to establish routines and have companionship. As seniors need more help, however, elder care can also adjust to address those new situations. The key is to be […]

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What Are Some Common Issues Home Care Can Help Seniors Manage?

Daily life brings some big challenges for seniors, especially when their health begins to deteriorate. Fall risks, cognitive issues, mobility challenges, and more all bring difficulties that can make it tough for seniors to be as independent as they want to be. Those challenges also impact quality of life, affecting mental and emotional well-being. Home […]

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What Family Members Should Know About Senior Home Care

If you’re new to taking care of a senior parent, you’re probably getting a lot of information thrown at you. It’s ok to feel a little overwhelmed. But you should know that you don’t have to go through any stage of caring for a senior parent alone. There is always help available for you, and […]

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Employee of the Year!

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Darcel Steward has been named the 2023 Golden Heart Employee of the Year. Darcel is an AMAZING caregiver always providing the best care possible to her clients. She is also the ultimate team player. Darcel is SIMPLY THE BEST! Please join us in congratulating Darcel as […]

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What Is the Best Way to Help Seniors Cope with Trouble Driving?

For most seniors, driving is about way more than just getting from Point A to Point B whenever they want. It’s also about having freedom and independence, even when there are parts of their lives that are changing. When it starts to become obvious that seniors are having more trouble driving, it’s vital for family […]

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Employee of the Month – December 2023

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Kaleb S. is our Employee of the Month for December 2023. Kaleb is originally from San Francisco, California. Kaleb enjoys being a caregiver because he is able to help and care for others and feels like helping others is his calling. Please join us in congratulating […]

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Why Do Seniors Have Painful Feet?

Weakening bones are unfortunately a pretty normal part of aging and it can cause pain in multiple ways, including a person’s feet. Here are a few reasons your senior mom or dad may have foot pain and what they can do to stop it. They May Suffer From Arthritis A common problem that so many […]

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Happy Holidays to the Golden Heart Caregivers!

Hi team, it’s Bob and the ladies from Golden Heart. We wanted to say happy holidays and thank you for the wonderful job you do for our clients and for Golden Heart. As a token of our appreciation, we had a caregiver holiday party on Thursday the 14th at 10. Our caregivers earned reward points, […]

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6 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Complications from Untreated Cataracts

Among age-related eye problems, cataracts are some of the most common. Cataracts hinder vision, but they also affect overall well-being. Untreated cataracts make daily life more difficult and can cause seniors to experience loss of independence and other challenges. Senior home care providers are able to help aging adults with cataracts in a variety of […]

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