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6 Tips That Make It Easier to Transition to Home Care

6 Tips That Make It Easier to Transition to Home Care

Home Care in Summerlin NV
Home Care in Summerlin NV

Your dad needs home care services, but he’s nervous about having a caregiver around to help him all day. How can you help him transition from being on his own to having home care around to help out?

Do Your Research

Research home care so that you understand what does and doesn’t happen with the arrangements. One issue that often arises is that families expect the caregiver to be available at the last minute, and that’s not always possible. Availability does vary from one town to the next.

Let Your Dad Be Part of the Planning Process

If you allow your dad the opportunity to help with decision-making, he’ll feel like he’s had his say. Because he was involved, he may be less nervous about what to expect, and that makes it easier on everyone.

When you talk to a home care specialist, have your dad nearby. Use speakerphone if you’re calling or bring him to a face-to-face meeting.

Make Sure He Knows Caregivers Don’t Take Over

One of the biggest fears older adults have with home care is that it will take away their independence. Reassure him that the caregiver only helps out when he’s struggling. The things he does on his own are left for him to complete.

Do a Walkthrough of What He Should Expect

Take a couple of days and do a walkthrough of the services your dad will be receiving. Act like a caregiver and ask him to provide his input throughout the day. Talk to him about what the caregiver is doing and why, and answer any questions he has.

Be Present For the First Few Days

Try to be in your dad’s home for the first few days that he has a caregiver with him. What’s important to remember is that you want to be in the home but not in the way. Set up a temporary home office from a den or bedroom.

If your dad is panicking, you can come help out. Make sure you allow time for the home care provider to try to resolve things without your interference. If the caregiver has questions, you’re close by for answers.

Have a Full List of Questions Ready

Gather with the rest of the immediate family who helps your dad out. Get together a list of questions they have. If your brother wants to know if he’s still able to visit without notice, jot it down. When you call to talk to a home care advisor, you’ll have the questions ready to go and won’t forget anything.

Call a home care specialist with any questions you have. Go over the schedule and make sure you understand when the caregiver will arrive to ensure you’re ready to let the aide in. Book the services your dad needs and work with the caregivers to ensure your dad’s transition to home care goes smoothly.

If you are considering home care in Summerlin, NV, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.