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How Do You Help Your Mom Maintain Her Confidence as She Ages?

How Do You Help Your Mom Maintain Her Confidence as She Ages?

Elder Care in Henderson NV
Elder Care in Henderson NV

What are your mom’s plans as she ages? Almost 90% of adults between the ages of 50 and 80 want to age at home. It’s not surprising if this is also your mom’s answer, but you have to make sure she is confident and secure while living alone. How do you help her achieve her goal?

Assess Her Home’s Layout and Safety

Go through your mom’s home and address any safety issues that will lower her confidence to live alone. She may benefit from a medic alert system, brighter lighting, more floor space to accompany her cane or walker, or a better kitchen layout that makes it easy for her to reach certain small appliances.

Find Out What Health Issues She’s Facing

How is your mom’s health? If she has any chronic health conditions, she needs to be eating the right foods, taking her medications, and getting the amount of exercise recommended by her physician. If she has a hard time with any of that, it’s time for her to have someone available to remind her.

She may need to see a physical therapist each week. Or, she may need to go to her doctor’s office for frequent blood tests or health checks. Make sure she has the support she needs to do all of this.

See Where She Feels She Needs Help

Ask your mom where she has the hardest time. She may struggle to prepare meals for one after so many years of cooking for a family. If that’s an area she struggles with, find the best ways to help her. She might still want to cook and benefit from meal subscription boxes. She may be sick of cooking and enjoy the thoughts of someone taking over.

Is she lacking confidence in going to the basement laundry room? Does she have a garage laundry area, but she’s scared going down those stairs as the garage is dimly lit and there’s no rail? Some of her concerns can be addressed by adding brighter lights and rails.

Does she feel confident walking outside without someone with her? How about vacuuming her stairs or carrying a vacuum to her bedroom? All of these areas may be problems for her.

Does She Feel Unsafe When Driving?

Is she less confident driving now? If she finds it hard to react as quickly to sudden obstacles in the road, it’s time for her to let someone else drive.

She can have someone drive her to her appointments and area stores. If she has errands to run, someone can join her. The inability to drive doesn’t mean she’s stuck at home. Make sure she knows that.

Arrange elder care services to ensure your mom is confident and secure, even if she lives alone. Her elder care aide is there to provide just enough support without making your mom feel like she’s become useless in her home. A caregiver helps your mom age confidently and enjoy her independence.


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