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Four Tips for Talking about Personal Hygiene Issues with Your Senior

Four Tips for Talking about Personal Hygiene Issues with Your Senior

Personal Care at Home in Las Vegas NV
Personal Care at Home in Las Vegas NV

If you’ve noticed some changes in your elderly family member’s hygiene habits, you might be trying to figure out how to bring that topic up. It’s more difficult than it seems, especially if you’re still trying to determine exactly what’s causing problems for her. These tips can help when you’re ready to open up a conversation.

Pause for Some Reflection Beforehand

Sometimes when you’re busy you might notice something and just say what you’re thinking without reflecting on it first. There are some times that that can be less helpful than you want it to be. One of those times is if you’re noticing your senior having difficulty with personal care tasks. It’s helpful to notice what’s going on and pause to think a little more before talking with your elderly family member.

Wait for the Right Time to Talk

Just as there are the right things to say and the wrong things to say, timing is a huge factor in all of this. Personal hygiene conversations can be embarrassing regardless, but if you’re talking with your senior without thinking first about whether it’s a good time or whether there are other people around it can be worse. Choose wisely, and the conversation might go a little better.

Consider What Could Be Making These Tasks More Difficult for Your Senior

There’s a lot that can make personal hygiene more difficult for your aging family member. If she’s having health issues or she’s experiencing difficulty with mobility, that all affects what she’s able to do. Even if the situation is a result of cognitive changes, it’s important to understand what the contributing factors are.

Line up Some Possible Solutions

It also helps if you come into the conversation with some ideas about how to make this all easier on your senior and on you. Personal care at home is an excellent answer, and it’s an answer that can help your senior more than she might realize. Elder care providers can ensure that your senior is able to safely bathe, change into clean clothing, and have help with other hygiene needs. Personal care at home is able to do all of this without damaging your senior’s independence or dignity, which is crucial.

Finding the right answers for your elderly family member’s hygiene needs can feel complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Home care services can offer just the right amount of assistance whenever your senior needs it.


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