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How Valuable Can Home Care Be for Your Senior?

How Valuable Can Home Care Be for Your Senior?

Home Care in Las Vegas NV
Home Care in Las Vegas NV

Home care is an essential service designed to help older adults age at home without risking their safety. It includes services that ensure the things your mom needs to do every day aren’t overlooked. Have you ever thought about the value of home care?

Your Mom’s Home is Clean and Organized

As her mobility changes, your mom is doing some routine household chores less often. She used to sweep her dog’s crumbs and fur each day, but now she’s waiting a week or two. You often do it when you’re there just to make sure it gets done.

Caregivers can dust, vacuum, and disinfect surfaces. They can water her plants, take out the trash and recyclables, and organize the mail. Her caregivers can also change her dirty sheets, make the bed with new ones, and do the laundry. Once clothing and items are clean and dry. They’re folded and put away, too.

Meals Are Prepared for Her

A recent news article came out stating that frozen pizzas are one of the worst dinners for people. The sugar content in the pizza sauce, processed ingredients in the crust, fat in the cheese and meats, and nitrates in items like pepperoni and sausage make it a poor choice. Yet, older adults also find pizza is a very easy food to make on their own.

If your mom has a hard time cooking meals for one and relies on frozen dinners, pizzas, and canned soup, it’s time to address her eating habits. Find out what she’d like to eat and arrange to have a home care aide make these meals each week. Caregivers can also plan her menu, take your mom shopping, and put groceries away.

Your Mom Isn’t Alone

Your mom often complains about feeling isolated and lonely. With her friends all moved to different areas to be closer to family, your mom’s social circle is non-existent. She relies on you and your sister to keep her company, but you both have jobs and families of your own.

Instead of leaving your mom alone all week, have home care aides stopping by to keep her company. While there, her caregiver can clean her home, cook meals, do the laundry, or take her out.

Your Mom Has Help Running Errands

Grocery shopping, post office trips, and pharmacy visits are hard to do for some people, and with your mom’s changing vision, they’re impossible. She can’t read paperwork, nutritional labels, or other important documents without help. A home care aide can join her and read forms aloud when needed.

Now that you see how home care helps your mom maintain her independence while aging, make sure she has the help she needs. Caregivers can support her by offering rides to stores, cooking meals for her, or cleaning her home. Talk to a home care specialist to get prices and a list of services in your mom’s town.

If you are considering home care in Las Vegas, NV, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.