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Honor Your Dad on Father’s Day With These Gifts

Honor Your Dad on Father’s Day With These Gifts

Senior Home Care in Las Vegas NV
Senior Home Care in Las Vegas NV

Father’s Day falls on June 19th this year. What are you planning to do or give him? Here are some of the best gifts for the father who has everything. You could even gift him with the many benefits of senior home care.

A Gaming System

Your dad loves to fish, but he can’t walk up and down streams, shores, or through the woods by himself. You’re not around enough to take him fishing. Fulfill his passion for fishing when you’re not round by investing in a gaming system.

There are fishing games with controllers that vibrate and jerk around when the virtual fish is on the line. The Nintendo Switch has a fishing pole controller. It’s not exactly the same as fishing, but it’s a good way for him to engage in his favorite activity when no one is available to take him fishing.

Your dad could also play golf on his gaming system. If he’s into golf, he can play it from the comfort of his living room when you’re not around.

A Doorbell Camera

How about a doorbell camera? If someone is at the door, your dad and you can view who it is and talk to them without opening the door. It adds a layer of protection against scammers and door-to-door sales.

A Chromebook or Laptop

How about a small laptop that doesn’t need virus protection updates? A Chromebook protects against viruses in a different way, so your dad doesn’t have to run antivirus all the time. If he wants a laptop for communicating with his family via chat or video chat, this is a good option.

If he’s able to update and run security suite software, any laptop will work. It comes down to how technologically minded he is.

A Smart Speaker

Does your dad have a smart speaker? It is a handy device for older adults as it can read the news and weather out loud to him. It can help him turn on and off lights if you pair it with the right light bulbs. It can also play music, find his favorite show or movie, and play games.

A Pet

If your dad is lacking companionship and has talked about getting a pet, consider taking him to an animal rescue this Father’s Day. A cat can be lower maintenance than a dog, though it will still require some care. If he’s not up for a lot of grooming and maintenance of his pet, a fish tank may be a better option.

Senior Home Care Services

When it’s not a holiday or special event, is your dad alone? Should he be? This year, pay for a few weeks of home care services for him to try out.

He can experience what it’s like to have someone helping with meals, housekeeping, and transportation. He may find he loves it and wants to make it a permanent part of his life.

Senior home care helps your dad around the home without taking away his independence. Call a specialist in home care to learn more about the services that are available.


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