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Food to Avoid When Your Senior Has Arthritis

Food to Avoid When Your Senior Has Arthritis

Companion Care at Home in Henderson NV
Companion Care at Home in Henderson NV

Arthritis symptoms may be improved by adopting dietary modifications. Inflammatory meals like saturated fat and sugar should be avoided. Purine-rich foods may also have to be avoided. However, your seniors may not be as focused as they should on their diet because it may hurt to move around and cook. This leads them to go for easier meals that involve less cooking on their end. If this sounds like your senior, is it time to consider someone who can watch out for them each day and may be able to help with light cleaning, dressing, bathing, and, most importantly, light cooking.

Finding the right companion care at home will be a huge help for seniors who are trying to age in place with painful arthritis. And having someone with them who can do certain tasks easier may allow them to live a higher quality life and focus on things like what foods will worsen their pain and inflammation.

Seniors Should Focus On Fats

Certain types of fats actually make arthritis worse by causing inflammation. A senior should avoid several types that may make things much worse for them. Unfortunately, many of these come in pre-packaged foods that are easy to make.

  • Omega 6 fatty acids- When consumed in reasonable amounts, omega 6 fatty acids aren’t dangerous. However, the average American consumes much too much of them.
  • Saturated Fats- This fat may be found in meat, cheese, and butter. People should consume fewer than 10% of their daily calories from saturated fat.
  • Trans Fats- This fat is detrimental to human health because it lowers “good” cholesterol, elevates “bad” cholesterol, and increases inflammatory levels. In recent years, manufacturers have removed trans fats from most prepared meals, but check the nutrition information panel to be certain.

They Should Avoid Eating Too Much Sugar

According to research, people who consume sugar-sweetened soda have an elevated risk of RA. Excess sugar intake also raises the chance of dying from cardiovascular disease. Obesity, inflammation, and other chronic disorders might also result. Unfortunately, tons of easy meals have added sugar to preserve it and make things taste better. This is not good for you and certainly not good for seniors struggling with inflammation.


You may be wondering precisely what nightshade is? It is any of the following:

  • tomatoes
  • bell peppers
  • chili peppers
  • eggplant
  • potatoes

If you think this is something your senior overeats, it’s time to encourage them to keep a food diary. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they should keep track of calories, but to keep track of what they eat and how they feel later on. If a senior cuts something out of their diet and has fewer flare-ups, they may need to stay away from nightshade to stay healthy.

Food High in Purines

Uric acid is formed when the body breaks down purines, found in many meals. Gout attacks may occur when uric acid builds up in the circulation. These types of food include:

  • red meat or cured meats
  • organ meat, such as liver
  • beer and other alcohol
  • some seafood, such as mussels and scallops

Steering clear of these foods may help lower the chance of getting gout but also minimize inflammation.

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