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The Benefits of Intergenerational Living When Your Mom Has Alzheimer’s

Elder Care in Las Vegas NV
Elder Care in Las Vegas NV

Your mom has Alzheimer’s disease, which isn’t surprising given that 6.5 million Americans have dementia. But, it’s also a diagnosis that is going to cause some level of fear and sadness. As you start considering her elder care needs going forward, don’t miss the chance to use intergenerational living to provide her with the best possible support.

You Have a Family Care Team in Place

When you work full-time and your mom lives in your home, you could have children at home from college who are willing to share responsibilities watching her. It eases your stress.

One puts on movies and watches them with your mom until you’re back. Another child gives the first child breaks by taking your mom outside for walks or helping her tend her garden, all while making sure she goes back inside when she’s done.

With several people helping out, it lessens the work one family caregiver is doing. You all have time to step away and take breaks. Just make sure you’re not burdening your kids by putting too much responsibility on their shoulders.

Your Mom Has Different People to Socialize With

Some people with Alzheimer’s tend to shut down and not want to socialize. They limit socialization to a few people, but socialization is important. With a home filled with family members of varying ages, your mom has better opportunities to socialize.

As she spends time with you, your partner, your children, etc., she’ll have different interests to try. She might find she loves playing games with your kids or gardening with you. She might prefer to help your partner cook meals and set the table.

The more your mom is involved in daily life, the more it helps her retain some of her cognitive and fine motor skills. Keeping her active is important.

She May Have Moments Where She Responds Best to Others

Your mom argues with you and refuses to cooperate. She screams at you to go away and never come back. But, if your daughter walks in, your mom’s mood changes. She will do anything her granddaughter asks. That can become a big help as Alzheimer’s progresses.

You’ll Be There For Moments That Create Lasting Memories

From time to time, your mom will have vivid memories that you may never have heard of before. As her memories shift and narrow to specific decades, you’ll hear stories you never knew. Sometimes, a person with Alzheimer’s will remember childhood best or it might be the late teens and early adult years.

You’ll get to learn more about your mom as she shares these stories. If you can, record them to transcribe and share with others.

Rely on Elder Care for Respite Time for Your Family

Elder care services assist your entire family by being there when you need breaks. Learn more about the variety of elder care services, including respite care, that are available in your area.


If you are considering elder care in Las Vegas, NV for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.

Exploring Some of the Challenges of The Aging Population

In-Home Care in Summerlin NV
In-Home Care in Summerlin NV

It’s always been your dad’s goal to stay in the family home. However, health issues like high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, or arthritis are making it harder for him to complete the tasks that he needs to do. What are some of the challenges he may experience, and how can in-home care play a role in his future?


Forgetfulness is one of the more challenging issues. While your dad’s forgetfulness is strictly part of aging and not related to Alzheimer’s, it’s still frustrating as one of the things he struggles with is remembering to take his medications. If you’re not there to remind him, he often forgets a dose, which puts his health at risk.

Medication reminders are an important in-home care service. Not only will his caregiver remind him to take a pill, but he has guidance on how it’s meant to be taken. With water or with milk? On an empty stomach or with a meal? His caregiver is there to help him take his pills correctly.

Loss of Mobility

With a disease like Parkinson’s and some forms of arthritis, especially gout, your dad’s mobility may be greatly impacted. It may not be a consistent loss of mobility, especially with something like gout where it flares up from time to time, but it has to be addressed.

If your dad is having a harder time moving from one room to the next, stepping in and out of the shower, or going up and down stairs, he shouldn’t attempt it without someone there for support. He can have a family caregiver with him or arrange in-home care aides to spend time with him each week, but he needs someone to help keep him from falling.

Difficulty Cleaning His Home

Older adults admit that tasks like vacuuming and taking out the trash get harder, especially if upper body strength and mobility are worsening. If he has carpeted stairs, he may struggle to go up the stairs with a bulky vacuum. On each stair, he has to balance the vacuum while using the attachment to sweep the top and side of each stair.

Rather than risk a fall, someone should take over the tasks your dad has the hardest time completing. Things like vacuuming, trash and recycling, dishes, sweeping, and laundry are all chores covered with in-home care. His caregiver can also change his sheets so that he doesn’t have to try to lift the corner of the mattress to ensure the sheet fits correctly.

Isolation and Loneliness

If your dad lives alone, he may feel lonely, especially if no one stops by to see him each week. If he isn’t supposed to drive anymore and lives outside of a city, he is going to feel isolated, too. Make sure someone is available to drive him to stores, his appointments, and community or senior center events.

Your dad should feel challenged to maintain his independence. When he needs a helping hand, make sure he has an in-home care aide ready to help. He can live alone but have some help with difficult tasks like vacuuming, laundry, and meal preparation. He won’t feel lonely or isolated with in-home care for transportation and company.

If you are considering in-home care in Summerlin NV for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.

Home Care Helps Seniors Remain Safe and Healthy at Home

Home Care in Henderson NV
Home Care in Henderson NV

An AARP survey of people 50 or older found that 77% want to age in their current home. Your dad is one of them. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to move.

How do you balance his wishes with your peace of mind? You want him to be safe and healthy as he ages, but he’s not very good at remembering to take his medications, eat a balanced diet, or go for daily walks. Have you considered the value of home care?

His Home Is Clean and Organized

With a caregiver helping out, your dad’s home is cleaned each week. His caregiver can vacuum his carpets, dust, take out the trash, and do the laundry. Once a week, his caregiver can change his sheets and towels and make the bed with clean sheets. New towels are hung for him.

As his caregiver is cleaning his home, surfaces like counters and sinks are cleaned and sanitized. That lowers the risk of foodborne illnesses and the spread of viruses that could make your dad sick.

He’ll Never Forget a Dose of Medication

As your dad’s health changes, it’s normal for him to start needing to take medications. If his doctor determines he needs medication for high blood pressure, he can’t forget to take his pills each day. What if he does?

With a home care aide, your dad has someone to remind him when to take his pills. He also has someone to offer the guidance he needs on how to take them. He might have medications he has to take with milk, water, or a meal. His caregiver can also help him recognize the best time to order refills.

He Has Home-Cooked Meals

With your dad’s caregiver around each week, he’ll have at least one home-cooked meal, but you could make the arrangements to have someone cook meals for him every day. He’ll talk to his caregiver about the things he wants to eat, and they can shop for missing ingredients together.

He Gains a Companion

With home care services, your dad has a caregiver joining him each week. He won’t be as lonely or feel isolated when someone stops by as scheduled. It gives him something to look forward to.

When his caregiver is there, he has company for his daily walks. Your dad’s caregiver can accompany him to stores and when running errands. He won’t have to drive, which is often one of the things older adults hate giving up as they worry about becoming isolated.

Don’t let your dad struggle to complete his daily tasks. With home care aides there to remind him, cook his meals, and clean his home, he is safe and healthy. Call a home care agency to learn more about the prices and services in his area.


If you are considering home care in Henderson NV for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.

Support the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Today

Golden Heart is welcoming our readers to support the 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Joyce Kreus, Golden Heart’s Community Liaison, has set up a fundraising team and goal to help end this fight. If you are interested in donating to the 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer’s disease, please click here.

Lunch and Learn with the Alzheimer’s Association

Golden Heart Senior Care was proud to participate in the Lunch and Learn Alzheimer’s presentation held at Desert Vista in Sun City. The Alzheimer’s Association provides valuable facts and information regarding Alzheimer’s disease to the residents of Sun City Summerlin.

Thank you Desert Vista and the Alzheimer’s Association!

Employee of the Month – June 2023

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Angela J. is the Golden Heart Senior Care Employee of the month for June 2023.

Angela is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she is married with children and grandchildren. Two of her grandchildren are twins.

Angela has been a caregiver for most of her life. Angela owned and operated a foster home with over 20 children. As of today, some of her foster children still keeps in touch with her.

Why Angela enjoys being a caregiver – “It’s wonderful to work with elderly people, I find it fulfilling. Being a caregiver for the elderly requires patience, compassion, and a willingness to provide support and assistance to those who need it. It’s a very important and rewarding job that can make a significant difference in the lives of elderly people. I have had the pleasure and honor to work with some loving people in my life. I have taken so many classes and have been trained to care for seniors with dementia. I love my job!!!!”

Please join us in welcoming Angela as the June 2023 Employee of the Month!

The Value of Looking Back on Memories For Seniors

Personal Care at Home in Henderson NV
Personal Care at Home in Henderson NV

Reminiscing has been shown to have considerable positive effects on seniors’ mental and emotional well-being. As people age, they frequently confront difficulties such as reduced cognitive function, social isolation, and loneliness. Personal care at home professionals allows seniors to reminisce often by engaging in consistent conversation and encouraging them to share.

Loved ones can also help seniors share their memories while ensuring that younger generations can learn about their familial history. Activities that include remembering the past might help reduce these problems by providing mental stimulation, developing social relationships, and producing a feeling of purpose for seniors.

Why Is Remembering Important?

Maintaining a bright and active mind requires regular mental stimulation, which can help slow the progression of age-related cognitive decline. When seniors talk about their memories, they are not just exercising their cognitive powers but also remembering old experiences and reliving them. In addition, as seniors reflect on their previous experiences and feelings, remembering increases emotional regulation and self-awareness. This type of contemplation can lead to an improvement in mood, a decrease in anxiety, and an enhancement in one’s sense of self-worth.

Ways to Help Seniors Share Their Memories

Loved ones can provide the emotional support and social connection many seniors require when they actively engage and encourage them to share. It is essential for seniors to have the permission of their loved ones in order to engage in reminiscing and reap the benefits. The following are some of the ways that loved ones can make reminiscing easier:

Creating a comfortable environment: Ensuring that seniors are in a welcoming and familiar setting, with as few interruptions as possible, can help them feel more at ease and secure while talking about their past.

Asking open-ended questions: Loved ones and personal care at home can encourage seniors to talk about their memories by asking them open-ended questions that lead them to talk about their experiences in the past in greater depth. For instance, loved ones could question them about their favorite memories from their youth, significant events in their lives, or cherished family customs.

Using images, music, or trigger objects from the past: These items can awaken seniors’ memories and generate conversations with them. With the right objects, seniors can delve further into their memories and forge connections that are richer in significance.

Genuinely listening to what seniors say: Active listening and empathy are needed as seniors share their life experiences. When seniors feel valued in what they share, it contributes to creating a nurturing environment and encourages them to share more.

Helping seniors document their memories can be done using various techniques, from writing, generating audio recordings, or creating photo albums. This serves as a therapeutic exercise and a way to guarantee their tales will be told to future generations.

Reminiscing is important for seniors since it provides mental and emotional advantages while facilitating social bond development. Loved ones and home care professionals can play a vital part in assisting seniors in maintaining a sense of purpose and well-being by actively engaging with them and providing a supportive environment in which the seniors can feel comfortable sharing their experiences.


If you are considering personal care at home in Henderson, NV, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.

Helping Seniors Cope with Loss

Senior Home Care in Summerlin NV
Senior Home Care in Summerlin NV

It’s inevitable that the older you get, the more likely you are to lose someone. And although this is something that everyone will go through, it is not always easy to cope with loss. If your senior loved one has recently lost a family member, a spouse, or adult child, you will want to help them cope. Firstly, it’s important to note that grief takes many forms, and it can take time for your senior to heal and cope with any loss, so you and senior home care mustn’t pressure your senior. There is no quick fix for this type of loss, but you can support, encourage, and be there for your senior loved one when they need you. Here are some other tips to remember for when your senior is ready to start the healing process and needs some tips to cope with this loss.

Prioritize Self Care

It can seem like a lot to prioritize self-care when a senior feels blue, but ensuring they are still taking care of themselves is crucial. If they are grieving, they may rely on senior home care more than usual to cook and bathe regularly. Even if they are grieving, it will be important to stick to their routine as best as possible. This will eventually help them get out of their blue mood and back on a regular schedule, helping them feel better when they know they still have a little control left.

Find a Support Group

No matter who you are or how old you become, you need to find a friend or support group to help you cope with loss. There is no way you can go through this alone, and a senior needs to recognize and understand that. However, right after a loss, it may feel like too much pressure to go and heal. This might take a senior time to go to, so it is important not to push them to go until they are ready to start talking to people. And keep in mind that if a senior has one person to talk to, that may be enough for them.

Continue to See a Doctor

A senior should be going to their doctor regularly, and although it is normal to go through a period of sadness after losing someone, it is not normal for it to continue for long periods of time. If your senior is depressed for a few months, it is time to talk openly to a doctor about depression and about why. A doctor may prescribe your loved one medication to help manage their moods.

Get Back Into Hobbies

If your senior has a favorite activity, senior home care can help your loved one get to the activity or help set it up for them. It’s important to encourage them to keep doing the things they love slowly. This can feel selfish after losing someone because it feels like enjoying life without the person they lost, but it’s important to find the joy in life when coping with a huge loss.


If you are considering senior home care in Summerlin, NV, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.