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Companion Care At Home Reduces Stress For Seniors

Companion Care At Home Reduces Stress For Seniors

Companion Care at Home in Las Vegas NV
Companion Care at Home in Las Vegas NV

April is Stress Awareness Month, and if your senior parent is aging in place, you should know how stress could be affecting them. Loneliness is reaching epidemic levels among seniors according to medical researchers, and as a result seniors are facing increased risks of heart attacks, strokes, depression, and anxiety. Seniors who are aging at home get a lot of benefits from being in their own home but loneliness is something that seniors who are aging in place and their families need to watch out for.

Companion care at home can help reduce the stress that seniors are by eliminating some of the loneliness that seniors struggle with. When seniors have companion care at home they have reduced stress because they have a friend they can talk to, a companion to hang out with and go places with, and someone who will be checking on them if their family lives too far away to visit regularly. Some of the ways that companion care at home reduces stress for seniors are:

Helping With Errands

Seniors can quickly get overwhelmed by the tasks that need to be done to manage a household like making a shopping list or a list of the errands that have to be done and arranging transportation. When seniors have companion care at home, they have someone who can help them make the lists and do the errands so that seniors don’t have the stress and anxiety of figuring everything out on their own and trying not to make a mistake.

Sharing Meals

Eating alone can be stressful and unpleasant. Many seniors opt to eat snacks or light meals rather than make a big meal just for one person. And as a result many seniors don’t get enough to eat. Being malnourished puts stress on the body and the mind. Sharing meals with a companion and having someone to talk with and chat with while preparing meals and washing up dishes can turn meals from a nightmare into a happy occasion for seniors.

Taking Seniors Out For Activities

Getting out into the world is important for seniors. Staying in the house can lead to anxiety and stress about going out to do things and see people. When seniors have companion care at home they have someone to encourage them to go out and do fun things. They also have someone who will take them to the movies, to a café, to go shopping, and to do other activities.

Going To Appointments

Going to appointments like medical appointments, hair appointments, or to get a medical pedicure can be very stressful for seniors. Having to get themselves to the appointment, find their way around, wait, and then reverse the process to get home can make some seniors so stressed they actually skip doing medical appointments. But with a companion who can give them encouragement and support as well as helping them physically get to the appointments and get around seniors are much more relaxed about getting to necessary appointments.

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