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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips For Seniors

Holiday shopping is here. It can be a lot of fun for seniors to get out and shop. Some seniors really enjoy holiday shopping and seeing all the special holiday displays and lights. But, seniors should be especially careful when they are holiday shopping. Seniors are often targets for thieves. And they have a higher risk of falling when the stores are crowded and bustling. Seniors and their loved ones can use these tips to keep seniors safe while they are out doing their holiday shopping:

Get Support from Senior Home Care

Senior home care is a good idea for seniors for a lot of reasons, but during the holidays it can a great resource for seniors. With senior home care seniors don’t have to run their holiday errands alone. They will have help from a senior care provider who can do things like help them arrange for rides, go shopping with them to help them manage their money and carry their bags, and make sure that seniors don’t get jostled or knocked over in crowded stores. Many seniors are much more confident when they have senior home care.

Take Frequent Breaks

It can be emotionally and physically tiring for seniors to be shopping during the holidays. Seniors should take frequent shopping breaks to get some water and a snack and sit down and rest before doing more shopping. Pacing themselves will help seniors lower their risk of becoming tired or disoriented and falling while they are shopping. It’s a good idea for seniors to have someone with them while they shop who can encourage them to take breaks and get them water or a snack.

Go Early In The Morning

Seniors are usually at their best mentally and physically in the morning, and the shops will be less crowded in the morning too. That’s why seniors should plan to start their holiday shopping early, when the mall opens, so that they can shop when the mall is the least busy. Parking will easier for seniors that drive or who are having someone drive them to the mall. And there will be a much lower risk of seniors getting bumped or knocked over by crowds of shoppers early in the day.

Minimize Stops

Shopping at stores that offer gifts for different ages and interests is a great way to save time and steps. Malls and department stores are great places to find gifts for all ages and keep your senior parent from walking too much. Senior home care can help your senior navigate through a large department store and check off their list as they go.


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