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4 Things Family Caregivers Want Family Members To Know

In-Home Care in Las Vegas NV
In-Home Care in Las Vegas NV

March 3rd is a day to celebrate all that family caregivers give to their senior loved ones and to the family members who can’t be close enough to help care for senior parents. But family members that take care of senior family members don’t do it for the praise, or the gifts. They do it because they genuinely love their senior family members and want to help them be happy and healthy at home. This year you should shower your family caregiver with gifts and love but also keep in mind these things that family caregivers want seniors and other family members to know:

They Consider It A Gift To Spend Time With Senior Loved Ones

Almost all family caregivers say without hesitation that even though caregiving can be difficult they are grateful for the chance to spend as much time as possible with a senior parent or senior loved ones. Very few, if any, family caregivers regret putting their lives on hold when necessary to prioritize the care of senior loved one. They don’t see it as a burden or a chore. It’s a labor of love for to help the seniors they love be safe and happy in their own homes.

It Does Get Frustrating

However, just because family caregivers love spending time with senior family members doesn’t mean it can’t be challenging at times. Helping seniors who have serious medical problems, or who need lots of medications that need to managed, or who have other special challenges can make caregiving very frustrating. Sometimes caregivers need the chance to talk, to vent, or to cry when they are frustrated. If your family caregiver trusts you enough to open to you then you should be their sounding board. Listen to them without judgement and without criticism. If you’re too far away to help with the daily care of your senior loved one the leas you can do is listen.

Sometimes They Are Overwhelmed

Many caregivers never want to admit when they are overwhelmed because they are afraid it will make them seem weak or not committed to caring for your senior parents. But the truth is that caring for seniors can be overwhelming, especially if your senior loved one has a medical condition like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. If you see signs that your family caregiver is overwhelmed. try to help them out by encouraging them to talk about how they are feeling. If they don’t want to talk to you about it suggest they join a caregivers support group or get help form a trained mental health professional.

In-Home Care Is A Huge Help

In-home care providers can lighten the load for family caregivers. Getting in-home care for a senior loved one will give your family caregiver a break. It also gives them someone else to help manage your senior loved one’s care and help them with personal care, transportation, shopping, and other things that your senior loved one may need help. In-home care can be truly invaluable to a family caregiver and senior in need.

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