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6 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Complications from Untreated Cataracts

Among age-related eye problems, cataracts are some of the most common. Cataracts hinder vision, but they also affect overall well-being. Untreated cataracts make daily life more difficult and can cause seniors to experience loss of independence and other challenges. Senior home care providers are able to help aging adults with cataracts in a variety of different ways.

Monitoring Vision Changes

Seniors with untreated cataracts need someone who can help them to keep track of how their vision is changing. Cataracts cause blurred vision, sensitivity to light, trouble seeing at night, and fully impaired vision at times. Noticing new symptoms or noticing that symptoms are significantly worse can indicate that something else is going on besides the cataract, so it’s important that seniors get help in that situation.

Helping with Eye Care

There could be a variety of different reasons that seniors leave cataracts untreated. In that situation, it’s vital to ensure that they keep up with eye care. That might include daily eye drops or other types of eye care. Caregivers are able to stay on top of these needs for aging adults, helping them to remember to take care of their eyes.

Transportation Assistance

Often seniors with cataracts experience enough interference with their vision that driving is unsafe. Home care providers are able to do the driving for them, helping them to get to appointments and run errands when they need to do so. Having help with remaining mobile can help seniors to feel as if they still are a part of the community around them.

Help with ADLs

Activities of daily living are likely to be more difficult for seniors who cannot see well due to untreated cataracts. Keeping up with personal grooming, bathing, and meal preparation can be a lot more complicated than it ever was. Caregivers can make quick work out of these tasks, keeping seniors healthy and safe.

Fall Prevention

Another big safety concern is avoiding falls. Seniors who cannot see well due to untreated cataracts can very easily miss obstacles and other tripping hazards. Caregivers stay on top of potential hazards and offer mobility assistance around the house, helping seniors to stay safer and reduce their fall risk.

Offering Emotional Support

It’s easy to forget, but experiencing health challenges can have a serious emotional impact on aging adults. Losing vision, in particular, can be a huge loss. The more depressed and anxious seniors are due to loss of vision, the more they’re likely to withdraw and self-isolate. Home care providers offer valuable emotional support that can help seniors to deal with their feelings and have the companionship they need.

When aging adults are dealing with untreated cataracts, for whatever reason, they face a great many difficulties. Senior home care providers can be there for them, offering different types of support to meet those different needs and challenges. Whether aging adults ultimately decide to have cataract surgery or not, they need all the help that they can get to deal with the changes they’re experiencing with their vision.

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