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Thank the Family Caregiver in Your Parent’s Life

In-Home Care in Las Vegas NV
In-Home Care in Las Vegas NV

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving is named National Day of Giving. It’s a global movement designed to get people to give to others. Whether you’re marking the day by volunteering for a local non-profit or shop exclusively at local farms and locally-owned shops, it’s time to give back.

One way to celebrate National Day of Giving is by thanking the family caregiver taking care of your senior parent. If your brother or sister, aunt or cousin is caring for your senior parent, here are some of the best ways to support them.

Ask What They Need

Reach out to the family caregiver and ask what’s needed. Stop by for a day and help out. If your sister is there every day and is sick of cooking meals, offer to cook for her. Make a meal for your parents and your sister to eat together. Wash the dishes after.

You might find your brother would love to have someone else help out with the yard work for a change. Help out and rake while he watches a movie with your parents. Do the shopping for him.

Treat Them to a Meal at a Favorite Restaurant

Pick a night to take the family caregiver out to dinner. Pick the caregiver’s favorite restaurant and go out for a meal together. If that’s not possible, order takeout and bring it to the house.

Make sure you tell your family member that you’re doing this. That way, a meal isn’t prepared and ready to serve when you show up.

Buy a Gift You Know They Love

Your sister is an avid reader. Purchase an e-reader and gift card she can use to fill it with books. Your brother has been talking about a movie that’s coming out next weekend. Buy tickets and take him to see it.

Pay attention to the things you hear your siblings talk about. For National Day of Giving, treat your family member to whatever you know they want but haven’t taken time to purchase.

Arrange Services to Ensure They Get a Break

If you have a family caregiver who is with your parents every day, make sure they have the chance to take a break. They need a few days off each week. Respite care is one way to ensure a family member has days off.

Respite care is an essential service where an in-home care aide stops by. The aide stays to help out while the family caregiver takes a break. Make arrangements for respite care by calling an expert in in-home care.

If you are considering in-home care in Las Vegas, NV, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.