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Golden Heart Employee of the Month For May 2024

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Giti B. is the May 2024 Employee of the Month!

Giti has been a Caregiver for more than 2.5 years and always wants to make a difference in the lives of her seniors. She particularly likes to provide a healthier lifestyle and atmosphere for her clients. Giti is definitely simply the best!

Please join us in congratulating Giti on her being selected the May 2024 Golden Heart Senior Care Employee of the Month!

Employee of the Month – April 2024

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Maria Christina Rona has been chosen as the April 2024 Employee of the Month.

Maria is spiritual and has three children. She has been married for 16 years. Her eldest daughter is in school studying nursing. Her youngest daughter is is high school and her youngest son is in middle school.

Maria has been a caregiver for 16 years, starting in California. She is a licensed Pharmacy Tech, but enjoys being a caregiver over a Pharmacy Tech. The majority of her family works in a field that care for others. Her moto is “just be a good person, love who you can, help where you can, and give when you can.”

Please join us in congratulating Maria on being chose the Employee of the Month.

Podcast with Vegas Healthcare

Bob Swadkins, the owner of Golden Heart Senior Care, participated in a podcast with Vegas Healthcare on March 11th, 2024. It was a pleasure working with Diego Trujillo.

Check out the podcast here!

What Are Some Common Issues Home Care Can Help Seniors Manage?

Daily life brings some big challenges for seniors, especially when their health begins to deteriorate. Fall risks, cognitive issues, mobility challenges, and more all bring difficulties that can make it tough for seniors to be as independent as they want to be. Those challenges also impact quality of life, affecting mental and emotional well-being. Home care providers can do a lot to address some of these challenges for aging adults.

Increased Fall Risk

Falling is a leading cause of hospitalization and injury for aging adults. As seniors age, their fall risks tend to increase as a result of health issues, cognitive changes, vision changes, and general safety concerns in their homes. If seniors do experience a fall, their risk of falling again increases dramatically, further complicating life. Having elder care providers there with them can ensure that these issues are addressed before they cause seniors to experience a fall.

Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline can occur for a variety of reasons, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These changes in how their brains function can impair judgment, memory, and decision-making abilities. Home care services offer support to seniors who are experiencing changes in how their brains work, making it easier for them to stay safe at home.

Sensory Changes

Seniors may not realize how much they depend on their senses, especially vision and hearing, until those senses start to change. Those changes have a huge impact on how well seniors are able to communicate and may cause them to start isolating themselves. Elder care services offer not only practical support, but also understanding companionship, which boosts quality of life significantly.

Mobility Difficulty

Mobility is another common challenge for seniors. Whether they’re experiencing changes to mobility because of illness or because of other issues, no longer being as mobile as they once were affects daily life. It also makes it difficult for seniors to keep living their lives the way they want to. Home care providers can help seniors to use assistive devices properly and keep them safe while assisting them with daily mobility.

Personal Care Challenges

Difficulty with tasks like dressing, grooming, and bathing might seem to be superficial, but it directly relates to hygiene. Personal care at home is there to offer compassionate assistance with these delicate tasks. Their help ensures that seniors can maintain their dignity while also remaining safe and comfortable.

Transportation Challenges

Driving limitations and lack of access to easy transportation can seriously limit quality of life for aging adults. They may find it impossible to get to vital appointments like meeting with their doctors and socializing becomes much more difficult. Elder care providers can do the driving, ensuring that seniors are safe and able to go wherever they want whenever they need to.

Home care services can be an essential part of ensuring that aging adults are able to face the challenges of growing older with dignity and independence. Some of these issues may continue to worsen over time, and home care is able to adjust and keep up with seniors and their changing needs.


If you are considering home care in Summerlin, NV for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.

Employee of the Month – December 2023

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Kaleb S. is our Employee of the Month for December 2023. Kaleb is originally from San Francisco, California. Kaleb enjoys being a caregiver because he is able to help and care for others and feels like helping others is his calling.

Please join us in congratulating Kaleb as our December 2023 Employee of the Month!! Thank you Kaleb for all you do for the clients and being a wonderful outstanding caregiver.

Happy Holidays to the Golden Heart Caregivers!

Hi team, it’s Bob and the ladies from Golden Heart. We wanted to say happy holidays and thank you for the wonderful job you do for our clients and for Golden Heart. As a token of our appreciation, we had a caregiver holiday party on Thursday the 14th at 10. Our caregivers earned reward points, and enjoyed great food. Thank you for making this possible!

Watch Our Holiday Greeting with a Fun Surprise Here!

Golden Heart Provides Stroke Education to the Residents of Sun City Anthem

Golden Heart Senior Care partnered with Todd Kuhnwald, PA-C, to provide valuable stroke symptom and prevention education to the residents of Sun City Anthem. The residents were active participants and were able to ask questions regarding stroke symptoms, prevention and other medical concerns.

Employee of the Month

Golden Heart Senior Care is proud to announce that Darcel S. is our Employee of the Month for November 2023.

Darcel is originally from Los Angeles California. She has a beautiful loving daughter. We are so lucky to have Darcel as part of our Golden Heart Team, she has 10 plus years experience taking care of senior clients. Darcel said “I love caring for people who need a little extra help with daily living. I had a mild stroke and know the feeling of not being able to do things on my own”.

Congratulations Darcel for always going that extra mile!!!

Golden Heart Strives to be the Best for Its Clients

Golden Heart Senior Care recently attended the Home Care Evolution home care conference in San Antonio, Texas. This conference helped its attendees to provide best in class care and educated the home care audience on how to hire and retain the best caregivers, improve on its operational efficiencies, and provide exceptional client services. Golden Heart learned many important and helpful things that will be implemented to improve its current operations.

If you would like to know more about this conference, please call Bob at 702-931-0055.

Las Ventanas – Native Indian Dancers

Golden Heart thanks Las Ventanas for letting us share this beautiful afternoon with you. The Native Indian dancers were beautiful and fun to watch. There is a lot of stories behind each dance.