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What Does Home Care Assistance For Seniors Include?

Home Care Assistance in Las Vegas NV
Home Care Assistance in Las Vegas NV

If you have a senior parent that wants to continue living at home, you may have already starting talking with them about options for home care assistance. Even if your senior loved one is managing fine on their own now, in the future they may need help in order to live comfortably in their home. Starting the process of finding out more about home care now will help you and your senior parent make a smart choice for their health and safety. The most frequently asked question about home care assistance is what does home care include? The answer to that really depends on what kinds of care services your senior loved one needs. Home care can include services like:


Many seniors need a little extra help cleaning up as they get older. Keeping the home free from clutter will lessen the risk that your senior parent will fall. And chores like dusting and vacuuming are essential to maintain a healthy indoor air quality. Home care assistance often includes light housekeeping so that seniors will have a safe and healthy environment to live in. Care providers can do things like vacuum, dust, mop, do the laundry, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and make sure that the house is orderly,

Meal Preparation And Cleanup

It’s also common for seniors to need a little help preparing meals. Opening food packages can be tough if your senior loved one has poor grip strength. So is lifting dishes or heavy pots and pans. People with tremors may not be able to safely use the stove or carry glasses. Home care assistance can help seniors prepare meals by opening packaging, measuring things, chopping and dicing, and stirring things for them. They can also help with cooking and clean up the dishes and pots and pans after the meal. Seniors enjoy the company of a care provider who will eat meals with them as much as they enjoy not having to clean up after the meal.

Medication Management

Often seniors benefit from having a trained care provider oversee their medications and make sure that those medications are organized. A care provider can make sure that your senior loved one is getting the medications they should be taking every day. It’s also helpful that they can go to the pharmacy so that your senior loved one doesn’t run out of the meds they need.

Help With Shopping And Errands

Doing the shopping and running errands can be difficult as seniors get older. They may find that they don’t have the energy to walk around a bunch of stores like they used to. Or they may be easily confused by shopping lists or by handling money. With a caregiver accompanying them on shopping trips, your senior will be able to confidently handle all of their errands.

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