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Cold Prevention Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

Senior Home Care in Henderson NV
Senior Home Care in Henderson NV

While many people are taking steps to reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus and other illnesses, it’s still possible to come down with a cold. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, there are some cold prevention tips that can be shared with them. If your elderly loved one follows through with each of these tips, they will have a much lower chance of getting sick from a cold.

Hand Washing

One of the best tips for preventing a cold is hand washing. There are many resources out there that talk about how long someone should wash their hands and how to get the hands fully clean. In addition, by having your elderly loved one wash their hands regularly, it can help to prevent the spread of their germs to others and to their face. By doing this, they not only reduce the risk of others getting sick but lower the chances of themselves catching a cold or getting other illnesses, too.

Prevent Face Touching

Another reason that people often catch a cold easily is that they are touching their faces a lot. The more someone touches their face, the more chances there are for germs to spread into their nose and mouth – increasing the chances of getting sick. If you notice your elderly loved one touches their face a lot, it may be a good idea to have a senior home care provider who can remind them not to do this. If your elderly loved one can break this habit, they can keep themselves healthier.

Regular House Cleaning

Another way that your elderly loved one can lower their chances of catching a cold is by cleaning their house regularly. Research shows that germs are mostly on countertops, doorknobs, and other surfaces in the home. If someone doesn’t clean their house regularly, the germs are likely to get spread through the air and onto hands. Then, when someone touches others or their own face, the germs can spread, causing everyone to have an increased risk of getting sick. A senior home care provider can work with your elderly loved one to keep their home clean.


Do you feel that your elderly loved one is getting sick a lot? What about during the winter months or when spring is almost here? Does your elderly loved one catch colds often? If this is the case, you should encourage them to follow the tips noted above. These tips can significantly reduce their risk of catching a cold. Not only that, but if your elderly loved one follows through with those tips, they can reduce their chances of spreading germs to other people, too.

If your elderly loved one has already gotten sick, a senior home care provider can help monitor their condition while you are away. Elderly people can get sick very fast, even from the common cold. If your elderly loved one doesn’t seem to be doing well, make sure they see a doctor as soon as possible.


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