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Signs Of Heat Stroke Seniors Shouldn’t Ignore

Home Care Assistance in Summerlin NV
Home Care Assistance in Summerlin NV

According to the National Institute of Health, seniors have a higher risk than other age groups of developing heat stroke or heat-related illnesses. Seniors often have poor circulation and other conditions that make it more difficult for the body to regulate temperature. Most seniors are dehydrated too, which can increase the impact of heat on the body. And with summers getting hotter every year around the country, heat stroke and heat-related illnesses are something that seniors should be very concerned about. With home care assistance, seniors will have the help they need to avoid heat stroke. But your senior parent and their care provider should know these signs of heat stroke in seniors:

Dizziness or Confusion

Seniors can experience dizziness and confusion caused by many things, including medications. But if a senior is acting normally and doesn’t have any dizziness or confusion and they suddenly are dizzy or they are confused about where they may having a heat related illness. Seniors who have heat stroke or heat exhaustion may also slur their words or seem unable to put a coherent sentence together. Any rapid changes in mood or mental state should be cause for alarm.

Not Sweating or Profusely Sweating

If your senior parent is sweating a little on a hot day that’s normal. But if they are not sweating at all and their skin is dry even though the temperatures are extremely hot that’s not normal. It’s also not normal if they are sweating buckets and can’t seem to cool down even if they are in the shade or have an ice pack. Extreme sweating or not sweating at all both could indicate that seniors are experiencing a heat related emergency.

Extremely Warm Or Red Skin

Seniors will also sometimes get flushed skin that is extremely warm to the touch during a heat stroke. Typically, it’s a senior’s face that becomes extremely red and flushed and may even swell. But it can also be their arms or legs that get very red and swell. It might seem like they just have a sunburn but anytime seniors have very red skin that’s also very warm they should get an emergency exam to make sure they’re not suffering from heat stroke or another heat related illness.

Fast Weak Pulse

Seniors who are experiencing a heat stroke or heat exhaustion often have a thready and weak pulse that is very fast. If your senior parent has home care assistance the home care assistance provider should check your senior parent’s heart rate carefully during any kind of summer activity to make sure that your senior parent isn’t experiencing a heart attack or other serious medical event. Even if they are just suffering from a heat related illness they need to be seen by a doctor who can start bringing their temperature down. If your senior is overly warm apply ice packs, make sure they get into the shade, and bring them into a place with strong air conditioning to wait for emergency medical help.

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6 Tips for Caring for Your Senior in Extreme Heat

Home care in Las Vegas NV
Home care in Las Vegas NV

Summer is wonderful, except when the heat gets to be unbearable. If that’s what your senior is experiencing, you might want to try some of these ideas for cooling her down a bit. Overheating is the earliest sign that heat-related illnesses are on the way, so doing everything that you can to keep your senior as cool as possible is vital.

Talk with Your Senior’s Doctor

Set aside some time to talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about her individual risk factors around heat. This can help you to understand how your senior’s health is affected by hot weather. It also can help you to put together a plan for managing unexpected reactions to heat.

Prioritize Hydration

Hydration is your elderly family member’s best tool against heat. Ideally, she needs to sip water all day long instead of chugging it at once. Spreading out her water intake throughout the day helps to ensure that as she sweats and urinates, her water stockpiles are being consistently replenished. It might be helpful to ask your senior’s doctor how much water she should be drinking each day.

Look at Medication Side Effects

Some medications have some side effects related to hot weather and that might be a big problem for your elderly family member. If it’s been a while since you read the patient leaflets for her medications, you might have forgotten about some of those side effects. Either flip through those leaflets or talk with your senior’s pharmacist about how her medications may be affected by hot weather.

Time Activities Carefully

It’s vital that your elderly family member isn’t trying to do too much in the hottest parts of the day. By timing her activities carefully, you can help her to avoid overheating. Home care providers can help your elderly family member to stay on target with routines that allow her to rest during the hotter times of the day.

Keep Curtains Closed During the Day

Closing windows and curtains can do a lot more to keep your senior’s home cool than she might realize. Even a couple of degrees can make a big difference in how she feels. Home care professionals can help your elderly family member to keep up with little details like this that can help her to stay cooler.

Offer Cool Showers or Baths Before Bed

Before bed, your elderly family member might feel too hot from the day. Taking a cool shower or bath before bed can help to lower her body temperature and make it easier to sleep. If you’re not able to be there with her, home care providers can assist your elderly family member with safely cooling down before she heads to bed.

The dog days of summer might stick around for a lot longer than most people want them to be there, but there are things your senior can try that can help her to stay cooler. Try some of these ideas and see if they help her to be more comfortable.

If you are considering home care in Las Vegas, NV, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.