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Four Benefits of Home Oxygen Therapy for Your Senior

Home oxygen therapy is something that your elderly family member’s doctor has to prescribe for her. There are qualifications for receiving oxygen therapy at home and it is used to treat conditions like asthma, COPD, and even sleep apnea. If your elderly family member is considering oxygen therapy, she may want to keep these benefits in mind as she goes through her decision-making process.

It May Prolong Her Life

People who have lung illnesses may struggle to breathe. This is a serious concern that doesn’t just get better on its own. By having access to oxygen therapy, it is highly likely that your elderly family member is able to prolong her life. This is often the biggest reason that your elderly family member’s doctor may prescribe oxygen for her, either as an overnight treatment or continuously.

She May Have Fewer Complications

Illnesses like COPD and asthma have complications and symptoms that can take a huge toll on your elderly family member. Some, like fatigue and dizziness, could lead to a fall. Complications from COPD can even lead to heart failure or to a stroke. Having access to oxygen therapy reduces those complications for your senior. Your elderly family member might also experience fewer exacerbations if she has COPD.

Oxygen May Help Her to Move More

Lack of oxygen can keep your elderly family member from moving much at all on a consistent basis. She needs to conserve her energy when she’s experiencing shortness of breath and for many people with lung issues, just breathing is difficult enough. With supplemental oxygen, your elderly family member may find that she feels well enough to exercise, even just a little bit.

Her Overall Quality of Life May Improve

The bottom line is that oxygen can help your elderly family member to breathe better, which helps her to sleep better, can help to improve her mood, and can lower anxiety. She is also likely to feel less fatigued and more mentally alert each day. These factors all contribute to a much higher quality of life than your senior might experience without supplemental oxygen therapy.

Learning to use home oxygen therapy can feel complicated at first. There are also a great many safety considerations for you and your elderly family member to become familiar with very quickly. That’s why it can be beneficial to hire home care providers for additional assistance with oxygen therapy at home.

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