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4 Reasons Why Senior Pets and Seniors Are a Perfect Match

Personal Care at Home in Summerlin NV
Personal Care at Home in Summerlin NV

It’s Adopt A Senior Pet month which means it’s a great time to consider adopting a senior pet for your senior loved one. Pets and seniors are a perfect match. Pets provide love, companionship, and socialization for seniors so that they have a lower chance of developing depression. Spending time with pets has been proven to lower stress levels for seniors and reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke. Adopting a pet that needs to be walked, like a small dog, is the perfect way to get your senior loved one out of the house on a regular basis. Here are a few more reasons why senior pets are the best companions for seniors:

They’re More Settled

Puppies and kittens are adorable, when they’re sleeping. When they’re awake they become tiny furry balls of chaos flying through the house. They get into everything. And they climb things, knock things over, pull down curtains, and use their tiny baby teeth and claws on everything with paw range, including humans. Older pets have already gone through their crazy baby stage and they are more settled into adult behaviors.

They Don’t Need A Lot Of Vet Care

Older cats who have been neutered don’t really need a lot of vet care except for their yearly checkups and vaccinations. They don’t need multiple rounds of expensive vaccinations like babies, and they don’t need expensive spay/neuter surgery. A healthy older pet can be very affordable for seniors, especially if you choose a high quality food that will keep them healthy.

They’re Perfectly Happy To Nap All Day

Senior pets are the best napping companions. They are perfectly happy to curl up with your senior loved one and sleep away the day or the night. Seniors can enjoy having their furry companions around while they watch TV, read, play games, or do tasks around the house. But when it’s time to nap or to sleep at night seniors are more likely to get the deep rest they need when they have a furry cuddly bundle of love to curl up with.

They’re Easier To Care For

Caring for senior pets is much easier for seniors than caring for puppies or kittens. Crate training a puppy, or training the puppy to signal when it needs to go outside, can both be time-consuming, difficult processes. Older dogs are already trained and don’t need the extra time and care that puppies do. Older cats are pros at using the litterbox and tend to not have accidents like kittens do. And seniors who are worried about taking care of their senior pets can get help from a personal care at home provider. A personal care at home provider can make sure that the pets are walked and fed and have plenty of clean water so that your senior loved one doesn’t have to.



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