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Essential Things to Know About Nocturia

Home Care Assistance in Las Vegas NV
Home Care Assistance in Las Vegas NV

Nocturia is a common condition involving bladder control at night. It’s all about waking up and needing to go to the bathroom. It’s estimated that it impacts almost half of men and women over the age of 60.

Do your parents have nocturia? It’s not surprising if they do. Home care assistance may be an important part of the care plan when nocturia is present. Here are the things you should know about nocturia.

What Key Factors Increase the Likelihood?

Many cases of nocturia are linked to nocturnal polyuria. It’s a common condition where the kidneys produce too much urine when the body rests. The medications your mom or dad takes and overactive bladder are other reasons.

Women are more likely to experience nocturia if they have a weaker pelvic floor. It’s common in women who had children and are going through menopause. If uterine prolapse is a concern and causes pushing on the bladder, some procedures can resolve it.

If your parents drink too much before going to bed, it will lead to nocturia. Drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages also increases the chances of waking in the middle of the night and needing to go to the bathroom.

Some health conditions increase the risk. Diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are among them. It impacts how the body works. If your mom or dad has insomnia issues, they may also find themselves waking up and needing to go to the bathroom.

What Can You Do to Help?

Your mom or dad needs to talk to the doctor. If there is an underlying health issue, addressing it is essential. Medications and diet could stop nocturia from happening.

Invest in two waterproof mattress covers to help protect the mattress from urine stains. Instead of replacing an entire mattress, you just have to strip off the soiled mattress cover, put it into the wash, and replace it with a second cover.

Don’t let your parents drink a lot of water before bed. They should limit how much they drink after dinner. Before going to sleep, a bathroom trip should be the last thing your mom or dad does.

Do your parents take time each day to put their feet up? They should. It helps with circulation and allows water to get absorbed into the bloodstream, where it eventually excess fluids go to the bladder.

Make sure your parent has someone to help them get showered and changed. Caregivers can also help them remember when to take a break from activities and head to the bathroom. Call a home care assistance specialist to learn more.



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The Most Common Sleep Problems Seniors Have And How To Avoid Them

Senior Home Care in Summerlin NV
Senior Home Care in Summerlin NV

Research shows that as many as 70% of seniors could be dealing with sleep problems. There are many different factors that affect a senior’s qualify of sleep including things like the medication that they take and how active they are. But regardless of the reasons why seniors aren’t getting enough sleep family members and senior home care providers need to do what they can to help seniors manage their sleeping problems so they can stay healthy. Getting enough sleep is essential for good health. The most common problems that seniors experience include:


Insomnia can be occasional or chronic but whenever it appears it’s going to make it tough for seniors to get the good night’s sleep they need. In order to combat insomnia you can help your senior loved one establish a night time routine that includes a relaxing activity like reading a book or taking a bath. Seniors should also go to bed at the same time every night to help them fall asleep faster.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that occurs when someone’s airway is obstructed when they sleep. Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea in varying degrees. Sometimes all it takes to alleviate the problem is using more pillows or side sleeping instead of sleeping on the back. But in more serious cases a sleep apnea mask might need to be used to ensure your senior loved one is getting the oxygen they need throughout the night. It’s quite common for seniors to use sleep apnea machines at night.

But if your senior loved one is anxious about using a sleep apnea mask they may be unable to sleep because of that anxiety. A senior home care provider that is there throughout the night can bring peace of mind to seniors at night. They will know that someone will be there to help them if they need help with the sleep apnea machine or if it stops working. It will bring you some peace of mind to have a senior home care provider staying with your senior loved one at night too.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is a neurological condition that causes a powerful urge to move the legs and feet when sitting or lying down. It’s similar to what happens when you feel like you’re about to fall in a dream and you jerk awake. The urge to jerk the legs and feet can be very intense. Some medications can make RLS worse. If your senior parent has RLS and finds it difficult to sleep because of the sensations in their legs there are some ways to try and stop that urge. Gentle exercise during the day and improving muscle strength can help. So can a warm bath before bed to relax the muscles. Hot and cold packs can provide some immediate relief when the urge flares up at night. If your senior loved one is prone to bouts of RLS a senior home care provider can help them manage their symptoms so that they can sleep at night.


Insomnia and Older Adults

If you are considering senior home care in Summerlin, NV for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care of Summerlin. 702-800-4616.